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   Dr Steve Komadina, clinical GP and Board Member of American Medical Association. Has over 1200 clients using Herbalife's products.

Dr recommended products ... I have hundreds of customers using Herbalifes wellness products.


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Customer Care Center

Shape Up NOW! ... 65 Million people can't be wrong.

When I started on the Herbalife program I was size 20, now size 12 and no more headaches and I lost 27kgs in 6 months.

At 68 years of age I was suffering many health problems, after getting on Herbalife Ultimate program I lost  37 kgs and am healthy and vital.

Before Herbalife I was tired. I got a real energy lift, and dropped 5 kgs in 6 weeks.

At 18 years old my skin was trouble, but once I included the Herbalife products in my diet my energy rose, I lost 11 kgs and best part is my skin  improved out of site. Thanks Herbalife.

Welcome to our Customer Care Centre ... designed to help you achieve your health, weight management and wellness results in partnership with your Herbalife Lifestyle and Wellness coach. (place the mouse over the pictures above and read their stories)

Congratulate yourself on joining the Biggest Health Club in the World ... Herbalife International, "making the world healthier" ... person by person, day by day, and country by country.

We're now in 64 countries and more will open soon. There is an excellent opportunity to EARN income part-time or full-time as a Herbalife distributor. Ask your Herbalife distributor for details.

Herbalife FOCUSES on long term good health and longevity. Just by including regular nutrition into your diet every day you greatly decrease the risk of illness and disease. No one can afford not to.

"Every dollar you spend on prevention will save one hundred dollars." Paul Zane Pilzer, The Wellness Revolution.

Herbalife's Cellular Nutrition™ and ShapeWorks™ programs are scientifically designed for optimum health ... takes all the guess work out.         


Then read some of our success stories before you get started and know that you'll get a great result too!

Now find out what's happened to your food?

  • Watch this video with Dr David Heber ...
    Note: Dr Heber is Head of Human Nutrition at UCLA Center for Cellular and Molecular Research and the Chairperson of our Medical and Scientific Boards.   (video requires Microsoft Explorer and Windows Media Player)

  • Watch this video on the Herbalife 24 Sports shake mix ...

  • Here's Dr Heber on preventing cancer ...

  • Order the following book/s if you enjoy reading ...

Click here for Paul Zane Pilzer's "The Wellness Revolution". Dr Heber's new LA Shape Diet.

You will achieve great results as long as you:

  1. are serious about succeeding. Check how strong your desire is? You must have a strong reason to succeed, otherwise it's just as easy not to get the results you want. Write down at least 3 reasons why you want to improve your health, lose or gain weight and feel more vital and discuss them with your Herbalife wellness coach.

  2. remain teachable and willing to learn. Everyone starting on a "balanced nutrition" program for the first time is beginning something "new". Remain open and teachable, "willing to learn", and stay focused on your long term goals. Speak to your coach regularly during your first week and then stay in touch weekly or as necessary until you reach your goals.

  3. be honest with your Herbalife coach and yourself and don't cheat too much. Achieving long-term health results can be "frustrating" at times. But, if you are using the products as directed, drinking plenty of water and not "cheating" too much the results will happen, and you will find it fun and easy.

Follow the easy, step by step Customer Care system, take one step at a time (with your Herbalife coach), and before you know it you will have achieved your goals ...


Eight (8) Easy Steps to Success:

Step 1.  Boil the kettle and make yourself a Thermojetics beverage - put one half teaspoon in a cup of boiling water. Thermojetics is our fantastic 'fat burning tea'.

Step 2.  Weigh and measure yourself.  Record your results on Days 1, 3, 5, 7 and at the end of Week 2, 3, 4 to Week 12 or beyond and telephone or email your progressive results to your coach on the day. If you prefer to use email please download a copy of our measurement chart which you can record your results on and email them to your wellness coach. Otherwise speak on the phone Day 1, 3, 5, 7 and at the end of each week. Make use of this to clarify any issues you have or ask any questions. Your Herbalife coach is here to help you achieve the results you want quickly and permanently.

Step 3.  Download a copy of our Customer Care Package now, and print a copy off. Read the "Importance of Drinking Water" article, it is vital to your success and good health.

Step 4.  Now make yourself a delicious Shake or "smoothy" with the Formula 1 Pure Food (and Protein Powder if included in your product range).

Look through your literature and choose three or four recipes that you'd like to try. If necessary vary them a little to suit your personal taste. We recommend using Soy or Rice milks and not dairy milk or fruit juices for best weight loss results. For energy and sports performance use fruit juice and water (50/50) for an energy shake pre and post exercise.

Step 5.  Allocate an hour or two during your first week to watch the following audios and videos on-line. They will give you greater understanding of your "cellular nutrition" program and other targeted products that you may wish to use.


Step 6.  Long term good health and weight management is your goal. You can safely lose (or gain) between 3 to 5 kgs or more in a month. Your wellness products will be supplied every 30 days during your program.

It is important to understand that your program consists of two distinct phases, viz:

  1. First, the 'weight loss' (or weight gain) phase to reach your ideal weight, and secondly
  2. Secondly, and as important, the 'maintenance period' during which time your body will "forget" the past conditioning and reinforce it's new habits. This is an essential phase of achieving long term results and avoiding the "yo-yo" diet effect.

Step 7.  Help us to help others and be rewarded through our Client Referral Program. Good health is a gift that you can give to others ... simply introduce others who may want to improve their health, lose or gain weight or get more energy. Ask your Herbalife coach for details.

Step 8.  Ask about joining our VIP Customer program and receive a 25% discount on all your Inner and Outer Nutrition products.

Herbalife is scientifically designed to give your body everything it needs in optimum balance. Weigh and measure and speak to your coach on days 1, 3, 5 and 7 and then each week or as necessary.

Email any suggestions you think would help us to We appreciate and welcome your feedback.


DOWNLOADS  ( Get WinZip to open any .zip file)

  • Download a Measurement Chart - download here
    (Helps you record your results for emailing to your wellness coach)

  • Customer Care and Referral Program - download here

    (Helps you get the best possible weight loss results)



Here are some additional resources available to help support you, and educate you.

FREE Telephone Calls (p2p) plus Voip

  • - Skype for FREE calls globally from your computer.


  • Lifestyle Questionnaire - What's your score? Create a lifestyle.

  • FREE Exercise Program - Safe, simple and easy for everyone

  • "Special BONUS" Just for being our Customer you will receive $750 value of Prosperity Based Living materials from Dan Kushell --- author of  "A Champion in the Making".

    No matter what you currently do, you will save money, improve your health, improve our environment and attract more ABUNDANCE into your life.

Don't wait. If you have a question or need support don't hesitate to call your Herbalife Wellness Coach, and start creating the health and lifestyle you want.

Please send us an email if you cannot get in touch with your Herbalife Wellness coach. Email me ...

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