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You will receive education and information about your daily dietary choices, along with recommendations so that you can make healthy lifestyle choices.

You will discover how much protein you need daily, how many calories you burn at rest, how hydrated you need to be, your bone weight etc.

Don't pay $89 or more and spend your valuable time sitting in a waiting room.

At Fit to Walk and Talk we have nutrition consultants and wellness coaches to provide information and coaching in person, in the comfort of your home or over the phone.

  • Mimi lost 12kgs in just 9 weeks and has so much energy now Joe is AMAZED ... that's a FACT.

  • Clare lost 27kgs and went from a size 18 to a size 10 in just six months. ... that's a FACT.

  • Nasrin was using a stick to walk, but not any more and she lost 10kgs ... that's a FACT.

  • Alex lost 9kgs in 90 days and lowered his metabolic age by 25 years ... that's a FACT.

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